3 Favorite Children's Books

RECOMMEDED BY: Aggeliki Athanasopoulou – Librarian

I remember as a child being enthralled by the brother Grimm’s scary adventure story Hansel and Gretel which fortunately, had a happy ending, thanks to the smarts of the 2 protagonists! It is a harsh though timeless tale, much read and much loved!

My second favorite choice evokes a completely different mood, the entertaining and humor filled unique adventures of Little Nikola by Rene Gossini, illustrated by Zan Zak Senpe. All the books in the series are enjoyable for both young and older readers, a quality which I believe is a literary value in children’s books.

Finally, I will mention the series of children’s books written by writer and lyricist Marianna Kriezi, Oh, why should I be a Cat, I am a little Frog Emmanuel A Bakouli, On the Giraffe’s Nose, which I still read even today, they put me in such a good mood. This series is a tie with my beloved Lillipoupouli the literal companion of my youth. Together they are truly an irresistible combination!

RECOMMEDED BY: Eleni Kerolari – Actress

1. Ganti se ksylino Heri by Mano Kondoleon (Patakis Press, Greece)
I read it during the summer when I was 9 – the book left me such a sweet memory.  Our 3d grade teacher Ms. Vasilia recommended it to me. This book made me want to discover the hero’s secret, exploring by “diving” into the book and “searching” for clue words.

2. La Cosa Piu Importante (Translated into Greek by D. Dotsi)
A book with bright colors and large pictures. A simple and humorous story about understanding individual differences and discovering what makes each one of us unique.

3.  The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Expury (translated into Greek by Pelican Press)
I read this when I was older but as we all know The Little Prince is a story for every age. So is a need for magic and gold stardust, these things have no age. Dedicated to the inner child in all of us, this book teaches us not to kill our imagination, to judge ourselves before we judge others, to not repress our feelings, to not take ourselves so seriously, to not be afraid of what is different, to enjoy life and to be grateful for all that we have.

Some Facts About Eleni

  • She is a professional actress who is presently acquiring a degree in Pre -primary and Primary education.
  • Eleni has acted on stage, tv, film, commercials and videoclips.
  • Keen on personal development, she has taken seminars in film directing, song and dance, and theater games.
  • Prior covid she was playing the title role in Emile Zola’s Nana onstage in Athens Greece, directed by Androniki Avdeliodi.
  • She played all 8 roles in the children’s play The Princess Who Did Not Want to Get Married directed by Dimitris Frangioglou (Paramythis Theater, Faust, Symi Festival).
  • See her soon in the thirteenth and fourteenth episodes of Eksapsi as Anthi Amiralli on Mega channel directed by Vasili Tselemengou, Screenplay by Tina Kabitsi