Can I grow my hair down to my waist?

I have tried. It stops under my chest. I really like my hair though. Most of the time. Even though no one would say it’s particularly special I have a lot of it. And I like that. The strands are fine, but I have many. I keep it clean, except for shampoo and conditioner, I don’t really use anything else. I’ll do a mask once in a while, and an occassional hairspray…  Oh, and during the summer, I’ll use a natural oil after swimming… just to keep it hydrated. I air dry it except when I go to the beauty salon. I go once a month to dye my roots. And twice a year for a cut. I like to change shampoo and conditioner. Right now I am using

I comb and brush my hair every day, but no extreme styles. I don’t like them. I don’t really fuss over my hair.


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